We classify our contestants by GRADE, not AGE

As of Fall 2019* 

Miss PA Junior High: 5-8th grade 

Miss PA High: 9-11th grade 

Miss PA Collegiate: 12th grade-Enrolled in College, University, Grad School, Tech School or Beauty College. 

*Explanation: Contestant must compete as if they were competing in the national pageant in the summer of 2020

NOTE: Collegiate may be 2 year school, 4 year school, trade school, business school, and online students.

NOTE: Homeschooled Students May Compete.


Competition Categories: 

• Private Interview 40% 

Interview questions will be based on the contestant’s resume. There will be no current event questions during the interview. 

• Fashion Runway Attire 20% 

Attire requirement is an outfit that shows your personal style: High Fashion off the rack jumpsuit, sundress, cocktail, etc. (No hats, no shorts, no jeans, no flip flops). 

• Evening Gown 40% 

Contestant should choose a gown that is age appropriate and best reflects her style. Junior high contestants may not have a slit. 

• Optional photogenic competition



For more information on how to represent your school at Miss Pennsylvania Jr. High, High School, and Collegiate America, click the link below and fill out the form